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Top European merger company ‘smartocto’ result of discovery in editorial analytics

The merger is based on groundbreaking joint research: the prediction of the conversion of content and calculating realtime actionable tips. The Story Value Engine - the result of that effort - is considered a big step towards making media more profitable.

The Value+ project

Insights based on data are key to success for today’s newsrooms. But getting the right data actionable in order to deliver real value has always been a problem. Until now. CEO of
smartocto Erik van Heeswijk: “Our solution is based on two radical new elements: using the right mix of historical data to accurately calculate the real value of articles (called CPI), and an accurate and personal alert system that lets the right people know what to do with new content.” Roy Wassink, Insights Manager of the prominent Dutch/Belgian publisher, dpg
media, confirms the results: “Results, conversions to subscriptions and overall reach have
been groundbreaking - even in Corona times. Smartocto is very important for our journalists and the data driven approach of our newsroom in general.”

Dejan Nikolic, CEO of Content Insights: “It’s special: we heard over and over again from our
customers that merged together we would become the ultimate solution for every newsroom.
And when the market tells you something, you listen.”

SmartOcto and Content Insights
The new approach is based on joint experiences of SmartOcto and Content Insights, the two most prominent editorial analytic systems on the European media market. Content Insights helps more than 150 mediabrands across 4 continents with in-depth daily historical analysis of content. SmartOcto assists over 50 prominent newsrooms with real-time story graphs and data collection. Together they expect to become the force to make media effective and profitable globally in the coming years.

A consortium of well known investors, North Base Media (NBM), Eleven, Neveq, V-Ventures and South Central Ventures (SCV) recognised that a merger of these companies would be a powerful proposition to the challenges of the media industry and decided to invest. Under the name smartocto and based in the Netherlands, USA and Serbia, the team will scale operations in 2020.

Jan Kobler, Managing Partner at SCV: “We believe that this new proposition will be a major
change to the world of media analytics. In the years to come, profitability of media will be
more important than ever.”

Saša Vučinić, Managing Partner at NBM: “We think that the merged company, with its unique
combination of proven expertise and approach, will set a new gold standard in content
analytics. No other analytics company currently on the market can provide to its clients such
depth of data together with live advice as smartocto can."

About smartocto: the company is the combination of two former startups. Both Content
Insights (Serbia) and SmartOcto (the Netherlands) were founded in 2015. They now hold 3
offices in the Netherlands, Serbia, and USA. Together they support over 200 large media and
news brands in more than 15 countries around the world. Companies like dpg media,
Süddeutsche Zeitung, and (to name just a few) are highly satisfied
customers of their services.


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